The Black Superwoman

Born in the late summer season of September

With a purpose that only God knew

Raised by a single mom and wise elders

She became the strength she saw

Extremely intelligent and eager to learn

But her attitude was fierce and demanding

A mouth that couldn’t be tamed or controlled

It was her defense for those that teased her…

A father murdered, a grandfather lost, and a godfather gone way too soon

By the age of 11, she had nothing to lose

Molested, raped, heart-broken, and abused

Sex was her way of healing because she already felt used

A life she tried to remove

Pills, pain, depression, doctors, locked elevators, and no windows

A doormat for men and their dirty games

Before she even turned 18, her life was done...then came 21

The age she took back her life and started to forgive one by one

God had a plan for this Troubled one

She told her story fearlessly because she always had courage

Lives began to change, including her own

In five years, her life was restored…

Now...she fights for those who are like she once was

A Motivator to the world, a Mentor to girls, an Author with a gift of expressing through words, a Speaker of encouragement to the broken, a President and Hero to her community, a Leader with an unstoppable ambition...

Every day she puts on her cape and saves the day

No matter her problems, she makes a way

Only God knew in 1992, but now it’s clear to her...

She was born Maranda Moné Evans, “The Black Superwoman”.

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Three Key Elements: Following God’s Path for You

Three Key Elements: Following God’s Path for You

Make Time for Yourself

Make Time for Yourself