All in Mental Illness is REAL

He Tried Me. . .

Calm down Maranda. You got this!

I talked myself up, took some deep breaths, said a prayer, and got ready for my Facebook live session. During my Facebook live session, I was probably the most happiest and excited. Everything in that video was real because for some reason I am at peace the most when I'm witnessing about what God has done or motivating people on what to do. Once that session was over, the stomach kung-fu came back full force. I had a book release dinner to get to and could barely get dressed.


95% of the time I am awake I am thinking of so many things. My mind moves at a pace that I can't keep up with. My thoughts are like puzzle pieces that I can't put together. I jump from one topic to another in 5 seconds. My brain is overloaded with words, so many that I can never write.