All in Elements of ME

Make Time for Yourself

I can’t tell y’all how many times I’ve attempted to write a blog. How many paragraphs or titles are in my phone. How many times I’ve planned or talked about it. Between a storm, a blessing, and a schedule so full the boxes on the calendar are too small, I just…couldn’t do it.


I get it. It’s a trend. It’s a hashtag. It’s what “they say”. Well guess what. There isn’t a you or me in they, so we don’t have to be a part of it. Don’t be new, be you boo! (bars)

In the preparation stage for 2018, I’ve decided not to be a new me but a better me, a wealthier me, a more successful me. First, I’m going to be the me that stops underestimating my gifts and talents. Before you get confused…let me explain.


Wait a Damn Minute. . . I'm Still 25

Now y’all know I don’t care about what I say to folk. My teens, my people, my readers love my honesty. If you can’t respect my honesty or deal with it then I can’t help you. Because a fake person ain’t worth shit in a real life. So to those people who are worried about what my social media perceives to other people…no I’m not going to say it. I JUST might hurt someone’s feelings.

Moment of Truth

The one thing I will never be is a “cover up Queen”. Okay maybe I’ll cover up a pimple or two, which very rarely happens because I’m too lazy. But when it comes to the struggles of life, my sometimes I can be a bitch emotions, and the fact that I’m broke…as…hell, there is no cover up for me. I lay it all out on my blog, books, or journal. People respect my honesty and look to me for authenticity. And as always…I give what the people want!