Moment of Truth

The one thing I will never be is a “cover up Queen”. Okay maybe I’ll cover up a pimple or two, which very rarely happens because I’m too lazy. But when it comes to the struggles of life, my sometimes I can be a bitch emotions, and the fact that I’m broke…as…hell, there is no cover up for me. I lay it all out on my blog, books, or journal. People respect my honesty and look to me for authenticity. And as always…I give what the people want!

A Lesson on Blessings

I decided to go to the NRG Shelter and volunteer through Neighborhood Centers to assist with displaced “guests” as a result of Harvey from Hell.

*Quick pause* I just want to say how pissed I am at Harvey because he’s getting way too much credit and attention. Okay back to what I was saying. . .

A But for Your Burden

Well if you’re a human and keep up with society, you’ll know that Houston is currently facing one of the biggest storms in US History. Yes. Allison & Ike’s daddy. Rita’s uncle. And his name is big bad HARVEY! The only thing Harvey has allowed me to do was get much needed rest and be productive by planning how I’m going to rebuild my city when he finally leaves.